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Plagiarism and other intellectual property issues for PhD students

In this session, we will focus on situations where plagiarism is rather the result of sloppy note taking or referencing than the outcome of a deliberate strategy. We will remind the attendees the legal and practical aspects of citations and help them to appropriately paraphrase or quote excerpts from works including tables and figures. We will highlight the opportunity given by works published under free licenses to illustrate one’s dissertation. The framework within which French universities deal with plagiarism issues will be presented (PhD training, antiplagiarism software, role of scientific integrity advisor). Lastly we will try to answer questions raised by the attendees on specific cases.

  • Being able to analyze cases of plagiarism, including self-plagiarism
  • Understanding intellectual property laws (especially French Law)
  • Appropriately acknowledging the work done by others
  • Adequately managing permissions to reproduce tables and illustrations extracted

English training

Presenter : Damien Belvèze (SCD Rennes 1)

Where and how to register ?

  • online on Amethis with your Sésame login
  • Contact for additional information : secrétariat des Ecoles Doctorales (Valérie PRIOL)

Training location :

Université Rennes 1 - Bibliothèque universitaire Beaulieu - Salle de formation

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À :
10:00 - 12:00
Où :
BU Beaulieu (Rennes 1)
Thématique :
  Open access et visibilité du chercheur  

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Damien Belvèze
Service Formation BU Rennes 2