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How to increase the visibility of your research?

The objective of this session is to provide benchmarks on the context and challenges of digital identity and visibility of researchers today; to learn about methods, tools, platforms to improve the visibility of your research

content :

  • Sharing outputs of your research
  • Publishing preprints and open it to peer review
  • Open access : gold and green path
  • Using unique identifiers to link academic
  • Engaging in social networking communities
  • Using Blogs and twitter to communicate

English training

Presenter : Damien Belvèze (SCD Rennes 1)

Where and how to register ?

  • online on Amethis with your Sésame login
  • Contact for additional information : secrétariat des Ecoles Doctorales (Valérie PRIOL)

Training location :

Université Rennes 1 - Bibliothèque universitaire Beaulieu - Salle de formation

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À :
10:00 - 12:00
Où :
BU Beaulieu (Rennes 1)
Thématique :
  Open access et visibilité du chercheur  

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Damien Belvèze
Service Formation BU Rennes 2