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First steps with Zotero

During this training session, you will discover the bibliographic reference software, zotero

content :

  • Discovering Zotero : What is a references manager like Zotero for ? How does it work (on your computer, in the Cloud, both of them) ? How to install it and create an account?
  • Producing a bibliography : How does Zotero work with LibreOffice or Word ? How can I insert references in my text and create a bibliography ? Which style should I use for my bibliography ?
  • Sharing it online : How can I share my bibliography online ? What kind of groups can I create ? Which style should I use for my bibliography?

English training

Presenter : Damien Belvèze, Agnès Colnot (SCD Rennes 1)

Where and how to register ?

  • online on Amethis with your Sésame login
  • Contact for additional information : secrétariat des Ecoles Doctorales (Valérie PRIOL)

Training location :

Université Rennes 1 - Bibliothèque universitaire Beaulieu - Salle de formation

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À :
10:00 - 12:00
Où :
BU Beaulieu (Rennes 1)
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Damien Belvèze
Service Formation BU Rennes 2